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How to Make a Release Basket

Wicker Basket
Tuelle or similar Material
Ribbon (Match your wedding colors)

You can find some really pretty wicker baskets at Michaels or try your local craft stores

Using the tuelle (or similar material, drape this over the basket and hold it down with a ribbon tied around the upper part of the base of the basket.
You can also do this from the bottom up, placing the basket in the middle of the tuelle and gathering it up to the top.

Transfer the butterflies into your release basket.
You will need to remove your butterflies from the individual boxes or envelopes in which they were delivered in.
To remove the butterflies from the envelopes, gently hold the butterfly's body in place from the outside of the envelope at the thorax (where the legs are attached), thus steadying the butterfly inside the envelope, at the same time opening the envelope flap with the opposite hand. Grasp the butterfly's wings between your thumb and forefinger just above the thorax and remove it from the envelope.
To remove from the boxes, again grasp the butterflies wing with your thumb and forefinger and gently lift out of the box or sometimes you may be able to just tip the butterflies out gently into the basket

When you have finished transferring all the butterflies, tie the ribbon in a bow and you're all done.

You will need to transfer the butterflies to the basket BEFORE transporting to the wedding. Remember to keep the basket covered with a darker, heavier piece of material to shield them from light until arriving at the location.

You will need to warm them up prior to the release by exposing them to sunlight. Our suggested times are 15 minutes if a cooler day or less is necessary if the day is warm and sunny. You can also warm them up by actually using the basket as a display for the length of the ceremony, just ensure they are not placed in direct sunlight. The light and warmth will stimulate the butterflies and will make them active.

At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom can untie the ribbon and release the butterflies to creating a beautiful display!

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