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Kissing Games

Looking for an alternative to "clinking glasses" at your wedding reception? Here's a Few ideas for you!

  • Sing part of a Song with the word "LOVE" in it. MC or DJ can announce something like "Since love is a journey, and so is the honeymoon, The Happy Couple will be taking in a few days, we ask you to serenade them with travelling songs about love or containing the word love." Variation on this is for the song to contain one or both of the bride and groom's names.

  • Sing a TV Show Theme Song (ex. Theme from Gilligan's Island)

  • You can use Kiss rating cards numbered 1 - 10. When guests clink their glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss, the members of the wedding party will hold up their kiss rating cards and judge the kiss, much like judges scoring the Olympic diving competition.

  • Can have the guests go up to the microphone and tell a CLEAN joke that could be enjoyed by all.

  • Choose any song and change the lyrics to reflect your special day (ex. We wish you a Merry Wedding, We wish you a Merry Wedding and a Happy Honeymoon).

  • Have your guests make up and sing appropriate lyrics to: On The First Day Of Marriage, My True Love Gave To Me........On The Second Day ... and so on.

  • Tell the guests the bride and groom will only kiss if the guest made a contribution to the (insert bride and groom's favorite charity's name here) donation jar.

  • Your MC or DJ can include in his speech something to the effect of "you've been to weddings where you have had to sing a song with love, put a golf ball [etc] but today, you can go ahead and clink your glasses. All that "Bride name" & "Groom's Name" have requested is that, since they just got married today, they could benefit from all your years of experience. So if you would like them to kiss, clink your glasses, but then get up and show them what a real kiss is."

  • Ask the guests that rather than clinking their glasses, please come up to the microphone and tell a story about either the bride or groom, or us as a couple. A little adaption to this is that The couple can arrange for everyone in the wedding party to have a little story or funny fact about the couple and whenever their guests clink their glasses, another person from the wedding party can stand up and tell their story.

  • Have balloons (which are a typical decorating feature of many receptions / dinners) that have a subject written out and rolled up inside of the balloon. If one of the guests wants the bride and groom to kiss, they must get up, burst the balloon, then follow the instructions on the note inside the balloon....such as Tell us your most embarrassing moment...or what is the funniest moment / memory you have of the bride or groom.

  • Have trivia contest. If the guests want us to kiss, they have to correctly answer a question about the bride/groom/couple, etc. If they can answer correctly, then the bride & groom kiss. Some sample questions: Where was the bride born? What was the groom's favorite stuffed toy as a kid?

  • ICEBREAKER - SHARE THE WORK. Instead of having the Bride and Groom kiss all the time, have all the couples names that are in attendance in a jar, have the Bride and Groom draw a couples name and have that couple kiss (We have also seen this done where everyone's name that is in attendance is put in the jar, this can lead to some awkward situations if you pull out 2 peoples names that are no longer a couple). That is why we suggest only couples names in the jar.

  • Have a person or persons have to come up and kiss in front of you. Note-don't have it be "demonstrate the type of kiss the B&G should do," because some people will be rowdy and lewd about it. You may or may not mind what they come up with! Instead, just say that the price of a kiss is a kiss.

  • Adaptation of an old Irish custom as an alternative: The ringing of a bell is said to restore harmony between a couple; it's also said to remind them of their wedding vows and to keep evil spirits away. A bell has become a traditional Irish wedding gift. The adaptation of this custom is to give each guest a miniature bell as they enter the church. You can explain in your program that they are to be rung during your recessional and then taken to the reception where they are to be used in lieu of clinking glasses.

  • Have the guests 'sink a putt' to make us kiss. Announce this just before dinner. Id the guests miss the "putt", have a penalty. (i.e. kiss their spouse / date or drink a shot). Anyway, it was a big hit and lots of fun to watch! From: newsgroup soc.couples.wedding Another variation: have 2 holes, with little flags sticking out. On the closest hole's flag write "Short kiss", and on the further one write "Long kiss."

  • Set up a bulls eye target on a wall, provide a nerf football and if a guest wants to see the couple kiss, then they must hit the target with a pass. Keep the football with the disc jockey so kids don't get a hold of it and start tossing it around unattended.

  • Guests have to stand up and use the color scheme of the wedding (e.g., the word "pink") in a clever sentence or rhyme.

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